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Gathering in Cleveland on 9-11 2002

Gatherings & News

September 11, 2011 - New York, New York

  • Two $4,000 scholarships to WHS Students:
    • Emily Steffen
    • Alec Wargo
  • Location of Christina’s Name at 9/11 Memorial: North Pool: Panel N-49
  • Letter from Alec Wargo to Mr. and Mrs. Ryook
  • Powerpoint Presentation:
    • Interviews of Mr. Ryook following death of Bin Laden
    • News articles regarding above
    • News article at Times Square (Sophia)
  • Janet Cho’s Article about Christina in the Plain Dealer
  • Memoirs: Children’s Book and Christina’s Foundation T-shirt (T-shirts donated by Don Ha’s company CVL Ink)
View some pictures in the gallery album.