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In Cleveland on 9-11 2020

Gatherings & News

September 11, 2020 - Cleveland, Ohio

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you about 9/11. Sometimes, I still feel shocked that she is no longer with us, even though it has already been 19 years. It just doesn’t ever feel right. Hoping that we can lighten the heavy hearts by sharing about Christina💜 Please share posts, stories, pictures, and/or feelings today! It always seems to help to talk and celebrate Christina and her life and spirit.
We will be at the cemetery this morning and will recognize moments of silence at:
  • 8:46 AM – First plane crashes into the North Tower
  • 9:03 AM – Plane crashes into the South Tower
Christina was in the North Tower on the 104th Floor.
Love and hugs to everyone,
Charlie Ha really said it so perfectly this morning:
“So whenever I come here, it makes me smile.” “Everyone knows how she passed, but I’ll never forget the way she lived, and the impact she had on all of us.” 💜💜
Hear his words in the gallery album.