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A Letter from her Parents

With love

To All of Christina's Friends and Family,

More than anything, it is our wish to be able to say “I love you, Christina,” and when we cannot, we sometimes lose hope. However, with all of her friends comforting us, we are very encouraged. Even though we miss her everyday, we remember all the moments we shared together, and when we see her friends and family remembering her, it brings a ray of sunshine into our lives.
It is our greatest wish to be able to remain in contact with each other. Continuing to share not just old memories but creating new memories of time spent together is very important to us. This website was created to help facilitate the sharing of each new memory with one other.
While September 11 is the saddest day of the year for us, it is also the day we look forward to throughout the year. We hope that it is the same for you.
We want to thank you for your continuing support, for making the effort to join us for the annual gatherings and mostly for remembering her…

Love from Mr. & Mrs. Ryook